Join the secure domain

The need for the information security is dictated by the complexity of today's interconnected computer networks. In fact, the networks have no boundaries because of the remote connectivity that extends them throughout the world.

Information security is now a primary driver that supports the Kingdom’s growth. The Kingdom needed state of information protection with secure and resilient ICT infrastructures.

The university also has been keen to provide everything that protects to employees’ devices (Laptop and Desktop), programs and networks by applying the highest level of operating and technical standards.

The university has recently launched security awareness program, through the Deanship of ETC, called "The Secure Domain," which will in turn add security perks to the technical sector in general and it will directly contribute to the protection from hackers.

Since the university is keen to involve everyone in this massive security project, it has provided its employees with all resources to help them connect their workstations to the domain.

Following the instructions below, employees will be able to add themselves to ‘The Secure Domain’.

In order to connect your computer to ‘The Secure Domain’, your workstations must have one of the following operating systems:

1. Windows 7 Professional

2. Windows 8 Professional

In case if your operating system is different then you must upgrade your operating system moreover or contact customer care.

Please follow below mentioned steps for coonecting your workstation to ‘The Secure Domain’:

1. Please do right click on 'This PC' icon available on your desktop and further click on 'Properties'

(As shown in image)















2. After clicking on properties, you will find next window as shown image. Further you need to click on 'Advanced system settings'.















3. On the next window, you have to click on 'Computer Name' as shown in image.
















4. On 'Computer Name' window, you have to click on 'Change' button as shown in image.


















5. After clicking on 'Change button', you will find next window as shown in image on right side. Here you need to edit 'Computer name' as your KSU email login ID.

For contract employees: Instead (.c) you must edit (-c).

Further, click on 'Domain' button and edit here 'KSU.LOCAL' as shown in image.
















6. On the final window you have to provide your KSU email ID details as shown in image.

Then you must click on 'OK' button.

After click on ok button you must restart your worksation. After restarting, you have to login your workstation through your KSU email ID details.








Now you have to make this user as administrator of your workstation, please follow below mentioned steps:



1.  Please do right click on 'This PC' icon available on your desktop and then click 'Manage' as shown in image.









2. After clicking manage, now you have to select 'Local Users and Groups' in left column, as shown in image.






3. Now please select 'Groups' in right side column as shown in image.










4. After clicking on 'groups' you will find same window as shown in right side image, here you have to select 'Administrators'.








5. After selecting administrators you have to click on 'Add' button as shown in image.










6. After clicking on add button, you will find same window as shown in image, here you have to write your KSU email id's login then press OK.






7. Now you will find 'Windows Security', here you have to fill your KSU email id's login and password and press OK.







8. After providing correct KSU email id details, you will be one of 'Administrator' as shown in image.







If you find any problem while connecting with KSU domain then please open a ticket on customer care website or call 75557.

Customer care website: