Moving Faculty Websites to New Server

We would like to inform you that all faculty websites on the old server ( will be shut down
A new server is now available for faculty websites (
Please transfer your information to the new website template because the websites on the old server will be shut down by 27/3/1437 – end of the 1st semester 1436/1437. It will no longer be possible to view the information once the websites on the old server are shut down.

Due to the difficulty in dealing with and editing websites on the old server (faculty), please create your websites on the new server (fac) which has the following features:

    * Speedy browsing
    * Ease of uploading/ editing
    * Displaying content according to the University’s identity
    * Comprehensive with College’s websites
    * Displays faculty information

How to sign up:

  1. Access faculty websites via the link
  2. Click “Create your website”
  3. Add your personal information
  4. Add courses and other pages
  5. Access website settings

The website will be created after completing the steps mentioned above
Kindly note that the contents of the website will not be transferred automatically, and must be transferred manually.
For further information, please check the user guide on the following link.