E-mail settings for Android

E-mail configuration on Android 2.1


1- Press the menu button, and then choose Settings


2- Choose Account and Sync from the list of options


3- At the bottom of the screen to add a new account:


4- Then choose Corporate or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as shown in the following screen:


5. fill the following fields:

Email Address: e-mail your University example (username@ksu.edu.sa).

Password: password for your email at King Saud University


6- Click on  Next

7- Fill following fields:

Domain\Username :  ksu1\ user name of you email at KSU (ksu1\username@ksu.edu.sa ).

Password : Provide password of KSU email.

Exchange Server : mail.ksu.edu.sa

Use secure connection (SSL) :   press it



8- Click on Next

9- The phone is now verifying the account information as shown in the following picture.


10- After clicking on Next.

11-Fill the following fileds :

You can choose a name for this account (optional): such as King Saud University e-mail

Your name:  That will be displayed in  your outgoing messages.


12- Click on Done

13- Your phone will now synchronize and share information, please wait a few minutes to synchronize information. And your mobile phone configured with KSU e-mail.