Request Network Points

The infrastructure of the university is considered as a very large in comparison to other public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The university has more than one hundred thousand active network points, even that numbers are continuously growing due to increase in the number of buildings in the campus. Because there are a lot of demands for the network points, we hope will provide a satisfactory service to university community by following the procedure below for requesting network points:

  1. Visit and login to customer care website ( and "request a network point."
  2. The specialized team from deanship will review the request and set the period required to carry out the request. This period is determined by a number of factors like the number of points, their location, availability and previous requests, etc.
  3. The requestor can follow up on his/her request through the system and get updates.

We are keen to provide the best service and hoping that our fellow university associates will feel. In addition, we are extreme to solve your request as soon as possible.