About Deanship

The Deanship of E-Transactions and Communications established in the last of 2007 (11/22/1428 AH) at King Saud University.

The KSU established ‘Computer Center’ at Diriya Campus in 1978 for providing computer related services. The Computer Center started with a few rented devices and later on name changed to the ‘Computer and Data Management’. Further, the management worked on developing and acquiring more devices at that time. And then the title was changed once more to the ‘General Computer and Information Systems Management,’ according to administrative decree number 5849, which came in September 1991 (21/3/1412 AH).

In addition, the management has been working on not just developing and updating the devices and programs, but preparing human cadres and training them. Then they again changed titles to the Deanship of E-Transactions and Communications from General Computer and Information Systems Management in 11/22/1428 AH.


The goals of deanship To:

  • Provide support and technical assistance to users.
  • Assist technical support special to scientific research.
  • Deliver technical support in systems, databases, devices, hardware, communications devices, and the network.
  • Arrange training and creating awareness about technology and things related to it.
  • Avail desktop support for developing and strengthen customer care.
  • Create communications channels like email.


Provide and support a technological infrastructure:

  • Setting a specific criteria to upgrade the devices and systems used to the maximum levels readiness and reliability.
  • Planning and providing infrastructure and special support to the security and protection devices, communications network, portable devices and information centers and computers.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the contracts and agreements for the maintenance of information and communications technology devices with suppliers.


The development of university employees in the areas of information and communication technology.

  • Develop and improve the skills and competencies of information and communication technology necessary for faculty, staff and students.
  • Striving to create a cultural level of high awareness of technology among university community through continuous training and various electronic support.


Conversion services to electronic transactions:

  • Provide business, the mechanisms of procedures and services in the form of electronic transactions to the users.
  • Preparing the  mechanisms for procedures and services to pave the way to linking them with the E-Transactions Deanship program, which is special to the “Yesser program.
  • Activating the programs and the systems for electronic communication as well as managing the documents and the administrative electronic transactions.
  • Facilitating the communication with the outside world especially when it comes to things related to electronic hiring and the university portal.


IT Governance:

  • The creation and implementation of a work environment based on a professional world-class methodologies.
  • The creation of a work environment that is responsible when it comes to doing business.
  • The creation of a work environment that is comfortable and helps foster loyalty and retain and attract the creative.
  • Preparing the deanship to its transformation into a cost center.