Information Security

ETC is always keen to provide awareness and security to KSU community in following ways:

1. Provide protection to university users’ electronic devices: This is done by providing the devices with the latest antivirus and anti-electronic warfare software, which are centrally managed, updated and automated by a team of specialists in the security department.

2. Securing the university's servers and electronic systems: This is done by firewalls, latest anti-virus systems and other systems to prevent hacking and sabotage.

3. To raise the awareness of information security among university users: This is done through the monthly campaign by sending emails to KSU community for explaining the basics of information security and show them how to protect their systems from viruses and hacking.

4. Daily monitoring of the university's systems and network: This is carried out as a preemptive scan to detect any attempts to penetrate the university's network or systems that are related to the management of the university's information security.

5.  ISO 27001 certification in information security: This is carried out by a special team that does the constant internal audits to make sure that the ISO 27001 policies are applied and that the security procedures are followed correctly and thoroughly so every risk is dealt to the systems or the network. 

6. Periodic audits of the performance level of the university's information security systems and network: This takes places through the daily ongoing operations in which information security policies that are applied are reviewed, it is done by conducting tests to the security and make sure there are no loopholes through which one can break into and tamper with the university's systems and network.

7. Electronic investigations into cybercrime: The management team is currently completing new projects for the development of a specialized department for investigations. This department is meant to investigate cybercrime like hacking or spamming.